1. GH(Ch. 47)


  1. Tall and hook-nosed
  2. Dark, deep-set eyes


  1. EOTW(Ch. 4,14-15,24,29-30,36,Glossary)
  2. GH(Ch. 4-5,7,10,16,19,29,34,37!,38,41,48-50)
  3. DR(Prologue,8,11-12,21,22!,34,45,49,Glossary)
  4. SR(Ch. 1-2,9,13,20,41,47,Glossary)
  5. COS(Prologue)
  6. FOH(Ch. 1,3)


  1. Historical figure, High King, once ruled from the Aiel Waste to the Aryth Ocean
  2. Called "Hawkwing"
  3. ta'veren
  4. Sign was a golden hawk in flight
  5. Sent armies across the Aryth Ocean
  6. Sword was called "Justice"

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