1. EOTW(Ch. 1-4,7-9)
  2. SR(Ch. 29-30,44,53,56)


  1. Girth nearly double that of any man in the village
  2. Round face, sparse fringe of grey hair
  3. Wore silver medallion in the form of a set of balance scales, a symbol of Mayor's office


  1. EOTW(Ch. 16,18,30,35-36)
  2. GH(Ch. 9*,23!,40,44)
  3. DR(Ch. 49)
  4. SR(Ch. 40)


  1. Called "Bran"
  2. Innkeeper at the Winespring Inn, Emond's Field
  3. Mayor of Emond's Field for twenty years prior to opening

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