1. EOTW(Ch. 15,17)
  2. DR(Ch. 10)
  3. SR(Ch. 1,31,45,56)
  4. KOD(Prologue)


  1. Narrow-faced
  2. Dark-eyed


  1. EOTW(Ch. 30,Glossary)
  2. GH(Ch. 5,44,47-48)
  3. DR(Prologue,Glossary)
  4. SR(Ch. 53,Glossary)


  1. Whitecloak Lord
  2. Son of Geofram


At the beginning of The Dragon Reborn, Dain is near Tar Valon with Eamon Valda.

At the beginning of Knife of Dreams, Dain is riding in Amadicia with Galad, Jaret Byar and Trom. He is with Galad when Galad challenges Eamon Valda to Trial Beneath The Light.

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