Rider Dragon Color Weyr
B'dor ? Bronze Igen
Bedella Solth Gold Telgar
B'irto Cabenth Green Benden
B'lon Lareth Brown? Ista
B'naj Seventh Brown Fort
B'nik Caranth Bronze Benden
B'rant Fanth Brown Benden
Brekke Wirenth Gold Southern
High Reaches
C'gan Tagath Blue Benden
Cisca Melirth Gold Fort
C'len Minerth Green Benden
Conna Oswith Green Ista
C'rion Nidanth Bronze Ista
C'rob Spakinth Bronze Benden
C'tic Brith Bronze Ista
Dalia Bidenth Gold Ista
D'gan Kaloth Bronze Igen
D'lin Aseth Bronze Telgar
D'net ? ? Fort
D'ram Tiroth Bronze Ista
D'vin Hurth Bronze High Reaches
D'wer Trebith Blue Benden
Fanna Mirath Gold Igen
F'lar Mnementh Bronze Benden
F'lon Simanith Bronze Benden
F'nor Canth Brown Benden
F'rad Telorth Green Benden
G'nag Nelanth Blue Benden
G'narish Gyarmath Bronze Igen
G'niall Carianth Blue Benden
G'ren Kamenth ? Ista
G'trial Carth ? Ista
G'sel Roth Green Southern
H'ages Kerth Bronze Telgar
H'ran Prinith Bronze Ista
Jaxom Ruth White None
J'ken Limanth Bronze Benden
J'lantir Lolanth Bronze Ista
Jora Nemorth Gold Benden
J'ralt Palanth Green Benden
J'trel Talith Blue Ista
K'lar Jolinth ? Benden
K'last ? Brown Benden
K'lior Rineth Bronze Fort
K'nad Narith Green Ista
K'rem Darth ? Telgar
K'tan Drith Brown Benden
K'van Heth Bronze Benden
Kylara Pridith Gold Benden
High Reaches
Lessa Ramoth Gold Benden
Lina Garoth Gold Telgar
Lorana Arith Gold Benden
L'trel ? ? Southern
L'vel ? Blue Benden
L'tol Lorath Brown Benden
Mardra Loranth Gold Fort
Merika ? Gold High Reaches
M'hall Brianth Bronze Fort
M'kir Pineth Brown Ista
M'odon Nigarth Brown Bronze
Moreta Orlith Gold Fort
M'rek Zigeth Brown Telgar
M'ridin Cortath Bronze Benden
M'rit Jalith Blue Telgar
M'tal Gaminth Bronze Benden
Nadira Baylith Gold Igen
Nian Quinth Gold Ista
N'ru Larinth Bronze Ista
N'ton Lioth Bronze Benden
Orla ? Green Ista
Pilgra Segrith Gold High Reaches
P'gul Kirth ? Benden
P'llomar Ladrath Green Benden
P'ratan ? ? Benden
P'zar Roth Bronze Fort
R'dik Shalanth Blue Ista
R'gul Hath Bronze Benden
R'mart Branth Bronze Telgar
R'mel Sorenth ? Benden
R'nor Virianth Brown Benden
Robina ? Green Ista
R'yar Garanath Brown Benden
Salina Breth Gold Benden
Sarty Ledith Green Ista
Sean Connel Carenath Bronze Fort
S'goral ? Green Southern?
High Reaches
S'lel Tuenth Bronze Benden
S'loner Chendith Bronze Benden
Sorka Connel Faranth Gold Fort
Talina Arwith Gold Benden <Monaco>
T'bor Orth Bronze Benden
High Reaches
T'gor Relth ? Benden
T'lerin Valorth ? Ista
T'kul Salth Bronze High Reaches
T'mac Ganth Brown Benden
Torene Alaranth Gold Fort
T'reb Beth Green Fort
T'ron Fidranth Bronze Fort
Tullea Minith Gold Benden
V'rel Piyolth ? Ista

See also Dragons of Pern

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