1. POD(Prologue)


  1. Square-faced man
  2. Head shaved except for a white topknot
  3. Shorter and slighter than Paitar Nachiman


  1. EOTW(Ch. 48,53,Glossary)
  2. GH(Ch. 4,9)
  3. DR(Ch. 11)
  4. COT(Prologue)


  1. King of Shienar
  2. Sign is a white hart
  3. Wife died eleven years before POD Prologue


At the beginning of The Path of Daggers, King Easar is in the Black Hills, meeting with other monarchs from the Borderlands.

At the beginning of Crossroads of Twilight, King Easar and the other Borderland monarchs are in Andor, fifty leagues north of Caemlyn.

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