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Science FictionEdit


  • Academe of Pure and Applied Sciences - Eric S. Nylund's novel Signal to Noise
  • Academy of Liberal Pursuits - Matthew Hughes's novel Black Brillion, p. 51, Archonate universe
  • University of Alpha Centauri - David R. George III's Star Trek:TOS novel Allegiance in Exile
  • Altiplano University - Ben Jeapes's novel Phoenicia's World, p. 59
  • Apollo University (on Luna) - Poul Anderson's short story "The Saturn Game," in his collection Explorations
  • Aristarchus Institute of Space Technology - Arthur C. Clarke's novel The Hammer of God
  • Astromilitary Institute - Poul Anderson's short story "SOS" in his collection Dialogue With Darkness



  • Ceres Academy - Kim Stanley Robinson's novel 2312, p. 523
  • Columbiac University - "Free Will Hunting" episode of Futurama, August 8, 2012
  • Coral Gables Theological Seminary - James Morrow's novel This is the Way the World Ends, p. 211
  • Crick and Watson University - M. Atwood's novel Oryx and Crake


  • Dedication University - John Brunner's novel The Sheep Look Up, p. 70



  • Fermi Junior College - Spider Robinson's (Robert A. Heinlein) novel Variable Star


  • Gal Fed University - James Tiptree, Jr.'s short story "Your Haploid Heart", Analog, 1969
  • General Theological Seminary - Frederic C. Rich's novel Christian Nation


  • Imperial Military Institute - R.M. Meluch's novel Strength and Honor, p. 64
  • Institute of Bio-Media - Sleep Dealer 2008 film
  • Institute of Knowledge - Larry Niven's short story "Neutron Star" in his collection Neutron Star
  • Institute of Medieval History - Dale Pendell's 2010 novel The Great Bay: Chronicles of the Collapse, p. 254


  • Lomonosov University - Poul Anderson's novel Satan's World
  • Luna University or Luna U - Steven Harper's novel Dead Man on the Moon, LCSI Luna City Special Investigations


  • Mars University - "Mars University" episode of Futurama
  • Miskatonic University - Howard Phillips Lovecraft's fictional town of Arkham, Mass.
  • Mount Harwell College (Mount Harwell, Ohio) - Lloyd Biggle, Jr.'s novel The Chronocide Mission: A Time Travel Novel
  • University of Mars - Kim Stanley Robinson's novel Icehenge, p. 20


  • Nakasen University - John Barnes's novel A Princess of the Aerie, p. 17
  • New American Psychology Institute - Wrong 2012 film
  • University of New Aberdeen - Thomas Harlan's novel House of Reeds, see Celtic Planet
  • University of New Florida - Allen Steele's novel Hex
  • Noah Webster College - James Morrow's novel This is the Way the World Ends, p. 25
  • University of Noupetau - John Barnes's novel The Merchants of Souls


  • Phobos University - William K. Hartmann's novel Mars Underground
  • Planitia University - Michael Cobley's Humanity's Fire series
  • Public Service Academy - John Barnes's novel A Princess of the Aerie


  • Sian Academy of Artful Illusion - David Brin's novel Existence, pp. 518-519
  • University of Sigmen City - Philip José Farmer's novel The Lovers
  • Soko University - John C. Wright's novel Count to a Trillion, p. 192
  • Solar Institute of Applied Science - James Gunn's novel Transcendental, p. 73
  • Starfleet Academy Star Trek universe
  • University of St. Stephan's Wood (Newark, New Jersey) - "How Joenes Taught, And What He Learned" (As told by Maubingi of Tahiti) Robert Sheckley's novel Journey Beyond Tomorrow
  • University of Sundance-Through-Rain (on planet Holat) - Poul Anderson's novel The Long Way Home


  • Time Lord Academy - Doctor Who Universe
  • University of Tetzcoco - Thomas Harlan's novel House of Reeds


  • Voltaire University - James Morrow's 1990 novel City of Truth, p. 102
  • Vonda College - Troll Hunter 2010 film


  • Wyandotte College - Kurt Vonnegut Jrs's "The Report on the Barnhouse Effect", a short story in Robert A. Heinlein's collection Tomorrow the Stars


  • Xanthos University - Zach Hughes's novel Closed System, p. 13


  • Yukon University - Poul Anderson's short story "The Saturn Game," in his collection Explorations


  • Ziggoreth University (on Trantor) - Isaac Asimov's Foundation universe
  • Zion University (located on the planet New Utah) - Jerry Pournelle's novel Outies

Fictional High Schools in Science FictionEdit

  • Wildgrove High School - James Morrow's novel This is the Way the World Ends, p. 33
  • Wozniak Nerd Academy


  • Foxe College - Philip Pullman's His Dark Materials universe
  • Gabriel College - Philip Pullman's His Dark Materials universe
  • Hempnell College - Fritz Leiber's novel Conjure Wife
  • Jordan College - Philip Pullman's His Dark Materials universe
  • Monsters University 2013 Disney film
  • Patrick Henry University - Ayn Rand's novel Atlas Shrugged
  • Paxington University - Eric Lylund's novel All That Lives Must Die
  • St Michael's College - Philip Pullman's His Dark Materials universe
  • St Sophia's College - Philip Pullman's His Dark Materials universe
  • Wykeham College - Philip Pullman's His Dark Materials universe

Other GenresEdit

  • Adams College - Revenge of the Nerds 1984 film
  • Athena College - Philip Roth's novel The Human Stain
  • Baptist Female College - The Night of the Iguana
  • Beaufort College - Inspector Morse BBC telvision series
  • Beaumont College - Inspector Morse BBC telvision series
  • Blazing Grace Seminary (From an on-line essay/sermon about the evils of secret sex addiction. Get the awful unwitting pun? Semin-ary?) - Pastors, Porn, and the Blazing Grace Seminary by Mike Genung. City Vision College
  • Bloomington University - Runaway Jury 2003 film
  • Blue Mountain State University - Blue Mountain State 2010 television series
  • Blue Point University - Three Stooges
  • Boulder Dam University - Three Stooges
  • Bradbury Business College - The Andy Griffith Show
  • Budweiser College - Kingley Amis's novel One Fat Englishman
  • Camden College - Rules of Attraction 2002 film
  • Carlyle College - Lewis, episode "The Soul of Genius" (filmed in Exeter College) of Lewis (Inspector Morse) BBC televisison series
  • Chaucer College - Lewis (Inspector Morse) BBC televisison series
  • Chicago Polytechnic University - "Don't Haze Me Bro" episode of The Good Wife, Season 4, Episode 4, December 22, 2012
  • City College - "Basic Rocket Science" episode of Community television series, October 14, 2010
  • Columbus University – Higher Learning
  • Cooledge College - Van Wilder 2002 film
  • Cyprus-Rhodes University - Greek television series
  • Eastern State University - The Program 1993 film
  • Euphoric State University - David Lodge's novel Changing Places
  • Faber College - Animal House 1978 film
  • Ganja University - Ganja University
  • Grand Lakes UniversityBack to School 1986 film
  • Greendale Community College - Community television series
  • Groff Community College - American Dad animated television series
  • Harrison University - Old School 2003 film
  • Heimlich County Junior College - King of the Hill
  • Ho Chi Minh School of Medicine (Dr. Leo Spaceman is an alum) - 30 Rock television series
  • Hudson University - Law & Order television series
  • Huxley U - Horse Feathers 1932 film
  • Midvale College - Midleader Law and Order episode
  • Midwestern University - The Male Animal 1942 film
  • Mildew University - Three Stooges
  • Mott College - Home Improvement television series (possible reference to the actual Mott Community College)
  • Ondas Nudosas Community College (translation as Naked Waves) - Thomas Pynchon's novel Inherent Vice, p. 51
  • Pacific TechReal Genius 1985 film
  • Penn Brooks University - Boy Meets World television series
  • Port Chester UniversityPCU 1994 film
  • The Sentinel (Military Academy) - House of Cards television series, Chapter 8, Season 1
  • Shrewsbury College (Oxford University) - Dorothy Sayers's novel Gaudy Night
  • South Harmon Institute of TechnologyAccepted 2006 film
  • South Central Louisiana State University - Waterboy 1998 film
  • State University of North Carolina (SUNC) - SUNC Appoints Twelve Efficiency Czars to Streamline Bureaucracy Matthew Michael. Cronk News. May 3, 2011.
  • Truth University - Stomp the Yard 2007 film
  • University of New York - Felicity 1998-2002 television series
  • University of Scuffletown - Where Jesse Hunter and Truman Futch claimed to have studied law when they were admitted to the Florida Bar in 1913 (Source: Gilbert King's 2012 nonfiction Devil in the Grove" Thurgood Marshall, the Groveland Boys, and the Dawn of a New America, p. 145)
  • University of Southern San Diego - "Hawaii Die-O" episode of NTSF:SD:SUV
  • Western University - Blue Chips 1994 film
  • University of Winnemac - Sinclair Lewis's novels
  • Wossamotta U - fifth season of Rocky and Bullwinkle

High SchoolsEdit

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