1. SR(Ch. 36-37,48,50,57)
  2. FOH(Ch. 2,7)


  1. Heavy man, more muscle than fat
  2. Hawk-nosed
  3. Dark, tilted eyes


  1. SR(Ch. 58,Glossary)
  2. FOH(Ch. 3-6)


  1. Peddler in the Aiel Waste
  2. Darkfriend


At the beginning of The Fires of Heaven, Kadere is being employed by Moiraine to take a shipment of ter'angreal from Rhuidean to Tar Valon. It is not generally known that he is a Darkfriend. In FOH 7, he leads the wagon train out of Rhuidean, while Rand and thousands of Aiel leave the city.

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