1. DR(Prologue)
  2. SR(Ch. 38,54)


  1. Tall, well into his middle years, with a touch of grey in his hair, but fit and hard
  2. Dark, deep-set eyes


  1. GH(Ch. 5,29)
  2. SR(Ch. 51,Glossary)
  3. COS(Prologue)


  1. Whitecloak Questioner(Inquisitor of the Hand of the Light)
  2. Commands the Hand of the Light in Tarabon
  3. Darkfriend
  4. Sometimes goes by the name Bors


At thje beginning of The Dragon Reborn, Carridin comes to speak with Pedron Niall in the Fortress of The Light. Niall takes him to account for failing to assert Whitecloak authority over the Almoth Plain. Then Niall orders him to keep the supposed Dragon Reborn safe, as a useful tool for Whitecloak domination, with death the price of failure.

At the beginning of A Crown of Swords, Pedron Niall has given Carridin orders about how to deal with Elayne in Ebou Dar.

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