House: Lannister


  1. GOT(Ch. 4-5,8-9)


  1. Hair as bright as beaten gold
  2. Tall, with green eyes


  1. GOT(Ch. 12,14,16)


  1. Rank of "Ser"
  2. Twin brother of Cersei, as well as her lover
  3. Called "Lion of Lannister" to his face, "Kingslayer" behind his back
  4. Sworn Brother of King Robert's Kingsguard


Jaime arrives in Winterfell with King Robert's entourage in GOT 4. In GOT 8, he throws Bran off of a tower at his sister's behest, after the boy catches them together. In GOT 12, King Robert Baratheon reveals that he has promised Jaime the title of Warden of The East.

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