1. SR(Ch. 47)
  2. FOH(Prologue)


  1. Slender


  1. COS(Prologue)
  2. POD(Ch. 1)


  1. Aes Sedai, Green Ajah
  2. Elaida's Tower
  3. Appointed Sitter shortly after Elaida's accession
  4. Forced to resign only a matter of weeks


At the beginning of The Fires of Heaven, Joline is the only Green sister in Elaida's inner circle. When Elaida asserts her authority, she reprimands Joline for her lack of progress in the search for Siuan Sanche, and advises her to assign herself a penance.

At the beginning of A Crown of Swords, Joline has been forced to resign as Sitter and sent by Elaida to Ebou Dar.

In POD 1, Joline is in Ebou Dar with Teslyn Baradon.

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