Kuiper Belt Objects or KBOs are icy bodies orbiting beyond the Gas Giant Neptune.


  • Eriophora - Peter Watts' short story "Giants" in David Conyers, et al' collection Extreme Planets
  • Lionheart, a.k.a. KBO 2071 NK189 (Akinya Trans-Neptunian asset 116-133) - Alastair Reynolds's novel Blue Remembered Earth, 456
  • Port Sol - Stephen Baxter's novel Exultant
  • Rupert - a fictional Dwarf planet in the Kuiper Belt in the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy


  • Eris (Standard Kuplier Belt region)
  • Pluto and Charon (Heliosphere/Main part of the solar system)
  • Sedna (scattered disk region and Sednoidian region object as well)
  • Makemake (Kuplier belt region or Scattered disk?)
  • Humea


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