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LSD and Science Fiction go together like peanut butter and jelly or like religion and boredom. They are both vehicles for perceiving reality in a new way or perceiving new realities.

List of ReferencesEdit

  • Brian W. Aldiss's novel Barefoot in the Head, pp. 99, 249
  • Poul Anderson's "A Man to My Wounding," a short story in his collection The Horn of Time
  • Stephen L. Antczak's novel The God Drug
  • Harry Harrison's novel Make Room! Make Room!
  • The 30% Iron Chef episode of Futurama
  • "The Soft Weapon," a short story in Larry Niven's Neutron Star
  • Michael Moorcock's novel The Final Programme (LSD gas)
  • Mack Reynolds' novel The Towers of Utopia, pp. 44, 122
  • Mack Reynolds' novel Commune 2000 A.D.
  • Rudy Rucker's novel Hylozoic, p. 191
  • Jake Saunders & Howard Waldrop's novel The Texas-Israeli War: 1999
  • Norman Spinrad's novel Bug Jack Barron
  • Norman Spinrad's novel He Walked Among Us
  • Norman Spinrad's novel The Men in the Jungle
  • Norman Spinrad's novel The Stone That Never Came Down
  • Norman Spinrad's short stories, "Carcinoma Angels," "All the Sounds of the Rainbow," and "The Entropic Gang Bang Caper" in his collection The Star Spangled Future
  • Colin Wilson's novel The Mind Parasites
  • "There is More Than One of Everything" episode of Fringe


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