1. SR(Ch. 33,40,45,53)


  1. Tall, broad-shouldered man in his middle years
  2. Hard, angular face and reddish hair white-winged at the temples
  3. Dark blue eyes


  1. EOTW(Ch. 34,Glossary)
  2. GH(Ch. 7,14,Glossary)
  3. DR(Glossary)
  4. SR(Ch. 29-30,32,43)


  1. Brother of Tigraine
  2. Vanished in the Blight
  3. Sign was an acorn
  4. Appears in the Two Rivers as "Lord Luc of Chiendelna"
  5. Claims to be a Hunter for the Horn
  6. Claims that Chiendelna is a minor house of Murandy
  7. Smells cold and inhuman

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