Menolly is daughter of Half-Circle Sea Holder, Yanus and Mavi. She taught the children of the hold after the holds harper Petiron, Robinton's father, died.

She has seven siblings, Sella, Alemi and five other brothers whose names are names aren't mentioned. After the new harper arrived, her parents beat her if she sung or played instruments because they thought it was wrong for a mere girl to play. Eventually, she ran away from the hold and found a cave to live in where she impressed nine fire lizards;

Gold: Beauty

Bronze: Rocky, Diver

Brown: Mimic, Lazybones, Brownie

Blue: Uncle

Green: Auntie One, Auntie Two

Menolly tried to outrun Threadfall and was saved by a brown rider then taken to Benden Weyr. She was discovered by Masterharper Robinton and taken to Harper Hall to fulfill her dream of becoming a harper. In the Harper Hall, she made friends with Piemur, Camo, Sebell, Silvina and Audiva. She becomes a Journeyman and soon after, a Masterharper. Then she married Sebell and had three children, Robse, Olos and Lemsia. Menolly also accidently impressed her tenth fire lizard, bronze Poll.

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