Exploiting the isolation of planets and other locations in space for the Papillion-esqe drama of a prison or prison colony was a natural for many science fiction writers. Perhaps the best known is a planet at all but Earth's Luna in Robert A. Heinlein's 1968 novel The Moon is a Harsh Mistress.

List of Prison WorldsEdit


  • Armaghast - Dan Simmons's Hyperion Cantos
  • Amor (asteroid) - Kim Stanley Robinson's novel Icehenge







  • Gulagatraz - Robert Kroese's novel Starship Grifters'


  • Hadante - "Prisoners," Stargate SG-1, Season 2
  • Hades - David Weber's Honorverse


  • Jerusalem - Charles Coleman Finlay's "The Political Prisoner," The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction August 2008
  • Justicia (entire system of Prison Planets) - Stephen Cole's The Monsters Inside Doctor Who novel



  • Mars (post WW IV concentration camps) - Brian Aldiss's novel The Eighty Minute Hour
  • Moabar - Linnea Sinclair's novel Gabriel's Ghost
  • Moon - D.M. Schneider's "One Man," a short story in Nebula Science Fiction Volume 2, Issue 20
  • Medusa - Jack L. Chalker's The Four Lords of the Diamond series
  • Mytus VII (home to the Corporate Sector Authority prison called "Star's End") - Star Wars universe


  • Nelson Mandela (terraformed asteroid) - Kim Stanley Robinson's novel 2312, p. 441
  • New Half-Way Tree - Nalo Hopkinson's novel Midnight Robber
  • Netu (moon) – “Jolinar’s Memories” and “The Devil You Know,” Stargate SG-1 Season 3




  • Raaga - "The Visitation" episodes of Doctor Who
  • The "Rocks" - George Zebrowski's Brute Orbits
  • Ragnarok - Tom Godwin's Space Prison (a.k.a. The Survivors) and The Space Barbarians


  • Sarn - "Planet of Fire" episodes of Doctor Who
  • Shada - Shada episodes of Doctor Who
  • Shammat - Doris Lessing's novels\ The Sirian Experiments, Canopus in Argos Archives series, Pp. 52-54




  • Shattered Pine Prison - Aliette de Bodard's short story "Scattered Along the River of Heaven." Clarkeworld. January 2012.
  • An alien military prison is the scene for the action in "Quality of Mercy," The Outer Limits Episode 113, SEASON 1, Original Airdate: 6-23-1995.
  • A prison satellite is maintained by the fascist police state on the Delta Quadrant planet Akritiri in the series Star Trek Voyager, Episode 43, Season 3, 9-18-1996.
  • One of two unnamed moons of Minbar is used as a penal colony for murderers in the Babylon Five universe.


See AlsoEdit

  • Peter Redfield. 2000. Space in the Tropics: From Convicts to Rockets in French Guiana. Berkeley: University of Californaia Press. ISBN 0520219848.

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