1. FOH(Prologue)


  1. DR(Ch. 6,56,Glossary)
  2. SR(Ch. 6,9,21,46,54,57-58,Glossary)
  3. FOH(Ch. 3,6)


  1. Forsaken


At the beginning of The Fires of Heaven, Rahvin is in a palace(not yet established as the Royal Palace of Andor in Caemlyn). He subverts with Compulsion the Red Aes Sedai they set to spy there. Lanfear brings Graendal and Sammael for a conference, on the possibility of bringing Rand to kneel to the Great Lord of The Dark. Asmodean knows that he has a queen as his pet, but doesn't know which one. In FOH 6, after Rahvin has sent Darkhounds to try to kill Rand and Mat, Lanfear tells Rand that Rahvin is in Caemlyn with Morgase.

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