House: Lannister


  1. GOT(Ch. 4-5,9,13)


  1. Stunted little man, half his brother's height
  2. Head too large for his body, squashed-in face beneath a shelf of brow
  3. One green eye and one black one, hair so blond it seems white


  1. GOT(Ch. 8)


  1. Son of Tywin Lannister
  2. Called "The Imp"


Tyrion arrives in Winterfell with King Robert's entourage in GOT 4. In GOT 9, he deduces that Jaime and Cersei have had something to do with Bran's fall, and he evinces an interest in visiting the Wall. He heads north with Benjen Stark and Jon Snow in GOT 13.

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